kryptino - innovative technology for secure coding and tracking

Innovative Technology
for Secure Coding
and Tracking

Security Coding for Documents.

Since 2007, our engineers invent, develop and manufacture innovative products that provide Secure Coding and Identification solutions for payment devices, identity management, printed communication and secure tracking of objects.

The use of our security materials, in combination with exclusive digital printing engines and innovative encryption solutions, permits to insert into documents information that may be detected, and extracted, only with our proprietary radiofrequency microelectronic technology.

We believe that values such as excellence in technology, confidentiality, trust and reliability are keys to success of our business.


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Textile Labels with unique Label Codes

Innovative, high-resolution full-color digital printed, satin polyester woven labels containing optically readable Label Codes combined with security features, which give to each kr-tex label a unique irreproducible and visible fingerprint.

We customize your woven artwork at batch level, your printed artwork at reel level, while coding is unique to each label; this means that each kr-tex label carries printed Label Codes that contain data different to the data of any other label in the world and that each kr-tex label has a unique irreproducible fingerprint.

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